Stocking Stuffers Under $30 for the Outdoor Lover


McNett® is your one-stop shop for stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for the outdoor enthusiast in your family. Young or old, men or women, our family of brands have you covered. We carry products for the military & tactical enthusiast as well as the dive & watersports guru. Got a hunter, fisherman, or backpacker? We've got gifts for them as well. Check out our holiday stocking stuffers and gift ideas all for under $30:

Camping and Hiking

For the camper or hiker in your life, check out the latest from our Gear Aid™ line of outdoor gear:

Ceramic Coffee Mug Stuffed with Repair Products: Stock up on repair items while giving back to a great cause. The T.K.O. Ceramic Coffee Mug is the perfect-sized coffee mug for hot cocoa around the campfire, not to mention it's stuffed full of some of our best repair items. Plus, a portion of all proceeds goes towards our Take a Kid Outside initiative, which helps fund youth programs and organizations like the North Cascades Institute and Washington Trails Association. 

Replacement Parts: Gear Aid continues to expand on its line of replacement parts. Great for the DIYer or “gear head” in your family, these  no-sew replacement buckles, tri-glides, tension locks, strap tenders, hooks, toggles and more, allow users to customize outdoor gear or to replace broken or damaged parts without the hassle of having to sew. Reduce the weight of your pack with lightweight buckles, enhance visibility with reflective parts, add more points of attachment with extra hooks and D-rings, or secure gear with shock cord, our replacement parts have you covered for all your DIY needs.

Ultra Compact Microfiber Game Towels: Our Game Towels bring the fun and competition on the trail with you. Ditch the tiny travel chess, checkers and backgammon boards for our Ultra Compact Microfiber Game Towels. Standard size game boards are printed on our Large Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel; a high-performance, quick dry towel that weighs just 5.6 ounces and rolls up to the size of a water bottle. Featuring chess, checkers, backgammon, and even a word game, these compact towels pack away with your game pieces in the included dual-pocket travel bag. Just toss it in your gear bag, backpack, or road trip kit.

Dive and Water Sports

Got a person who's nuts about the water? A 30-year leader in the dive industry, M Essentials™ covers all your water sports needs:

Aquaseal® All-Purpose Patch Kit: Don’t let a popped or punctured inflatable ruin your day on the water. The Aquaseal® All-Purpose Patch Kit by M Essentials™ is the only patch kit you’ll need. It provides the tools to make a permanent repair at home or in the field. Making it easy to repair that nasty wetsuit tear, popped inflatable or those mysteriously leaky dry tops, bags or spray skirts. You can even fix that pinhole leak on your favorite floatie or bouncy.

Saturna™ Dive Knife: Every diver needs a good dive knife and every paddler needs a good rescue blade to cut themselves out of sticky situations. The Saturna's blunt tip blade ensures you won't stab yourself or your inflatable and the corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel prevents rusting. Featuring a  KYDEX® quick-release sheath, you can attach the Saturna dive knife to your PFD or BCD—it’s so light, you won’t know it’s there.

Hunting and Fishing

For the Sportsman or woman in your life, McNett® Tactical's mission-ready essentials & hunting necessities have you covered Beyond the Battlefield™

Camo Form® Skulls: Protect firearms and add grip to outdoor gear. Camo Form is a self-adhering gun wrap that allows you to customize guns and gear with your favorite camouflage patterns or graphics. Completely washable and reusable, easily change-out patterns and graphics on the fly. Our new Skull graphic will certainly turn heads, so when you're headed out into the urban jungle, make sure your're protected with Camo Form Skulls.

Field Fix™Kit: You wouldn't leave home without your first aid kit, so be sure to grab a first aid kit for your gear too. The Field Fix Kit is a field repair kit that allows you to make repairs to just about any mishap you may encounter outdoors. Repair gear, sew clothing or modify existing equipment, this compact kit easily stuffs into packs, pockets or rucks without compromising space or weight and features a coyote storage case with quiet zippers. Unleash your inner MacGyver now.


Whether at home or in the field, Aquamira's water treatment products provide you with life sustaining essentials.

Aquamira® Frontier™ Pro Filter: When it comes to portable water filtration systems, bigger is not always better. That’s why Aquamira’s Frontier Pro™ Ultralight Water Filter System is a must-have for anyone who needs safe, clean water to drink when the available water isn’t. Aquamira’s Frontier Pro Ultralight Water Filter System is a highly effective water treatment system that fits in your pocket. The Frontier Pro removes 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as dangerous microorganisms from source water, without tablets or waiting. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to use. 

Aquamira Water Purifer Tablets: The easiest solution for removing viruses, Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets utilize chlorine dioxide to remove viruses and contaminants from water. Use these water purification tablets in conjunction with Aquamira filters for a complete water treatment package. Aquamira water filters instantly remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium, while the Water Purifier Tablets remove viruses. Just drop one tab into one liter of water, so you can have great tasting, clean water in the field, the backcountry or in an emergency.

Stock up on outdoor gear, stocking stuffers and holiday gifts now. As an added bonus, we'll give you Free Shipping for any order over $50 with code SHIP50FREE and $2 Shipping for any order over $25. 

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